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Saturday, 22 November 2014

What if I Got Led Down by Life

And this is the question asked by many people. Yes, we often keep asking this question within, whenever we are to do something new. What then something new is? What scares us the most when we are to step forward towards something new?

Change, is the answer. Doing something new is directly proportional to change. Change in our routine, change in our habits, change in circumstances, change in work, change in methods, change in mood, change in situations and last but not the least, we are scared of the change in our life. For sure doing something new is often resisted by people due to the fear of failure, fear of losing status, fear of losing money, fear of bankruptcy, fear of letting down our children and spouse.

No one compels you to do something new on the edge of peak. Do something new when you are free from responsibilities. The best period of doing something new and extraordinary is ‘Youth’. Youth is the age where we are free from family responsibilities, possibly. It is the time when we have that passion, that fire within, that determination, that curiosity, to perform extraordinary deeds. 

And if you are stuck in the muck of responsibilities, it certainly is not the end. Try to play smart when you have responsibilities. Save a lot for your children and spouse and family members. Work twice more than normal in order to earn and save. Find ways where you will suffer least if you fail. Prepare a plan, a pre plan covering all the areas of risks and opportunities. A plan full of discipline and courageous steps. A plan where you will fall twice but will succeed surely in the third try. A plan, made after tons of research and, cause and effects studies. A plan that will lead to ultimate success. A plan, the impact and incidence of which will certainly fall on you, forcing you to jump in the pool of success. Where thousands and millions of people will be following your footsteps, a billion will be reading your biography, a trillion will be trying to reach you to calm their curiosity about your story towards success.

I say jump hard, as hard as a rock, in the pool of failures. Learn to swim from this failure pool. And after you reach the end of the pool, get out of it, do Research, Planning, Blue Print, Act and jump again in the pool, this time it will be the pool of SUCCESS, I Bet.

‘Do What You Love. Love What You Do’ 

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