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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Where There Is Love

And in the midst of clouds I am in search of sunshine. Sunshine, in the form of love.  Love a source through which I want to find the meaning of this life. Meaning of this life, may be, by the help of which I can find my aim to live this life. Life that always begs from me my happiness, my heart and gratitude towards God- the creator. I do not know why, but my intuitions speak out loudly to me about each and every particle of my body and even this universe being made up of God and this might be the key reason why I never forget to denote the creator in my writings, the GOD to whom I owe my life.
Love an eternal source of happiness for those who lacked it during their childhood for may be some parents ain't meant to provide with love and moral support to their child. And with all my childhood memories alongside my heart, I have started the journey in search of Love.

Since the universe carries within a repelling magnet to which I threw my wish to find love and it reverted back with the same, gratifying my wish?... 

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