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Saturday, 25 October 2014

In Search of…

Cunning people, indecent practices and irrelevant paths bumpy enough to let you fall hard. What will keep you in the game is the persistence, company of people you choose and will power to work hard enough to die.

Since he started walking on the floor, he has been dealing with people of utmost nonsense nature. He fell, he stood. He gave up, he denied the same. He was deceived, he was cheated. He was loved, many established hatred for him. He ran, he flew and then he fell all at once. What he actually was looking for from this life was an abstract drawing but what he deserves was a matter of bliss as everyone jumped into his future that includes lots of benedictions from people whom he spoke to or interacted with.

May be it looked like he was something shaped inappropriately for this world and hence he was a perfect misfit. May be he had dreams big enough in this idiotic and competitive world where people go bungee jumping on the announcement that petrol prices will go down by Rupees 1.13, today. On the contrary may be he believed that if people start using cycle and their two blessed well working legs to reach nearby places (those which are within 2 kilometers or less or a bit more), they will be able to save petrol of more than 20rs every day.

May be this stupid thinking that he carried with him was the reason of his weirdness and loneliness. 

Yet who cares if the world becomes unhygienic and unhealthy when people have much more important tasks to perform. Tasks similar to updating status on fb and whats app, tasks similar to sleeping on the bed whole day, tasks akin to watching tv and some idiotic news exclaiming scam of rupees 1000 done by some VIP personnel. May be he was of the thinking that people are very intelligent and practical enough to perform some insensible tasks akin to eating in restaurant rather than home because restaurant is something of much more taste to them or you can say much more show off and royalty to them.

He did not know what he wanted from this life, yet he keeps searching for something sensible enough to make his life worth living. He wanted nothing but success. May be he was not looking for enough money to buy a luxury car but he was actually looking for money capable enough to buy food for thousand needy.

He was an apple on the banyan tree in this world. But what really will take him to the peak of success one day according to people who know him well is his determination and never giving up attitude towards this life. What really will make him a well known personality is his positive window through which he see a life full of grateful deeds, a life driven by GOD himself.

Yet the mystery remains concealed, for he has again jumped into the well of human race in search of….. (To be disclosed soon, keep looking..)