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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Love is Motivation.

                              In you I’ve found Myself

And one day while moving down my path, on some desolate path, where exists only me and my soul. I found someone. Not there, yet with me. Running away from feelings, she still had something in her that pulled me back and I fell. I fell in love with her.

Love that exists may be, only from my side or maybe she’s something as deep as an ocean. May be she too had the same feelings, but she never seems to be in me while I was in her. Walking down the path I was quite indulged in my abstract thoughts and suddenly I found her. I found her in my every thought, I was indulged in. I tried to run away from this and resist those feelings for her, but maybe she too had the same thoughts I had and thus I was finding her in my thoughts or maybe she too had something bumpy in her heart for me.

Am I in love? I asked myself. And on the knock of this question, my heart full of feelings began to beat faster. I got my answer within these beats, stating loudly that yes! Yes I was in love, in love with her soul and her divine presence.

But I kept walking on the desolate path for I knew my conditions. My conditions were something compelling me to accept the fact that I was not born to love. She was the Princess of seven castles while I was a wanderer for peace and serenity. Leaving behind this opportunity, I kept walking on my path, dropping those feelings behind in the form of tears with every step I took forward. And with every tear I killed myself, for I knew my circumstances. I knew my situations were something that will never allow me to fall in love with her.

My situations were something this cruel word was unable to understand and with every step she could have walked with me, she would have had to bear the pain, the agony, burning all around me. I chose to walk alone on my path and not to let her bear this pain, for I loved her and I can never see her go through any pain, for I loved her from the bottom of my heart up to the crest of the sky.

I do not know what exactly love is, but I know that feeling inside me when I think of her. I do not know what relationship is but I know there is some eccentric connection between her and me. Maybe we had a broken love story in our previous life, maybe she was an ocean and I was a river who seems to meet and get dissolved in her sooner or later. Maybe she was the nectar of the flower and I was the bee who never left even after consuming it. May be she was the ink and I was a pen who seems to be always incomplete without her. Maybe she was the sky and I was the star who kept breaking down and falling in the dilemma of not being able to touch her and grab her in my arms. 

I do not know what love is, I only know what that feeling is when I think of her.

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