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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hard Work and Success

Success is not going to come to me if I…

On a certain gloomy day wasting my time on useless deeds and stuffs, astonishingly fell, not into a well, but into a deep and profound thought. And what happened was, while spinning my thoughts (indulged) around some useless task, I fell on the floor (carelessly) and what I found over there compelled or you can say motivated me today to write this blog, to write this story.

Pulling my imagination back to what happened when I fell, brings me to the scene where I found an ant running forward, it seems as if or may be, the ant was collecting food. And that’s not a big drama, but what really astounded me, happened, when I tried to block the ant’s way or you can say when I placed hurdles between her and her destination by putting a small stone (what seems small for me was something horrible and gigantic to her). The ant seemed so determined towards her destination that instead of altering her way, she tried to mount it.

Being a cunning human, I did not let her climb the stone easily and thus to make it further challenging for her, I let her fall again and again via some nasty acts. You know what? A 5.7 feet long, healthy, mindful, cunning, ingenious human i.e. me, went vulnerable and surrendered in front of a minute sized ‘Ant’, when I saw the ant’s persistence and determination to reach her destination, to reach her goal. It seemed as if she desperately wanted to reach the other end, she just wanted to reach there at all costs, it seemed as if she knew nothing but only her destination, her need to reach the other end, it seemed as if she went half blind and what she could only see with her single eye was her destination and nothing but her destination. She fell again and again and again, but her will, was undefeatable.

Humbly, in shame, I let her go, I removed her hurdles and let her reach, her destination. Do I need to explain further, do I need to explain anything else to motivate you or inspire you further? In fact I am not getting words to express my feelings. The way the ant never gave up though it was an impossible task for her (maybe she also knew, but she never gave up) forced me to put ‘The’ before an ‘Ant’ in my whole article.

I learned a lot from this incidence and will try my best to convert the same into actions. Did you?

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