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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Love Story Happens

                          An Abstract Love Story- Love is in the Air

Leaving behind memories, tough times, hardships, motivation, pain, inspiration, life, death, society, status and all such mountain like sculptures standing between Us & Happiness, I chose LOVE. There comes a time in our life where we get tired, tired from the day to day hardships, tired from day to day work, tired from day to day bumpy routine, tired from this rude world and worldly deeds, and suddenly in between this tiredness we find HOPE, hope in the form of LOVE.

We find someone whose smile blow away our tiredness, whose presence kill all the tensions at once, without letting us realize, even once. We find someone, whose vibration gets dissolved in our soul, whose soul seems to be having an angelic effect on ours. Sometimes we call this Love at first sight, sometimes we generously state it as Infatuation, sometimes we know this is love since years but we hesitate to show, to reveal, to prove….

We all have sometime, somewhere, somehow, fallen into love without letting the opposite person know about our feelings.

And contrary to that situation, sometimes, we suddenly find someone whose entrance in our life leaves a fathomless impression, an impression in which our lips gets stretched all of a sudden when she/he comes in front of our eyes, having wings, flying like an angel, carrying a beautiful & gorgeous looks. Where we find our self helpless cuz we are unable to stop our smile bursting out & glittering our face, when she/he comes in front of us

An impression in which I found myself lost in her so deeply that the whole vision turns black, sky turns endless, vehicles & people disappear, roads fade away, everything disappearing or getting black, it is only her and me under this beautiful transparent sky where a cold breeze blew suddenly bringing an expression of help on her face, where I run towards her unfolding my jacket to cover her body, I run without noticing anything even the effect of cold breeze is neutral to me, what I only noticed is her face, her need for something to resist that cold, her beautiful eyes asking me to help her fight loneliness, her tears asking me to take her away from this cruel world, the only thing I could see was her charming presence and my love (abstract  feelings towards her). At the end, I reached her to protect her, protect her from this world, and protect her soul from further getting hurt.

 I reached running swiftly towards her in order to provide her with some comfort. I reached with an aspiration in my heart telling myself that she would be mine forever, when I will provide her with my hands on her belly, my eyes deeply flowing into her’s, my heart stating loudly saying that I will never ever leave her; leave her alone in this cruel world, grasping her hand forever. I reached her, with a hope in my heart to make her mine for next 100 incarnations.

As soon as I was to provide her with my jacket, I saw in her eyes and she saw in mine, with a strange desire in her eyes, she blinked her eyes and indirectly forcing me to do the same. Dispersed in her presence, I did the same and with that one blink my life disappeared. I do not know what happened in that minute second; I had no idea for what to do, where she went. I do not know what happened there, for I only knew the fact stating me to accept this abstract ending.

An end, where she left without any hint. The mournful & mysterious gaze of her eyes still fills my heart with a hope that she will certainly come again, someday. And on that someday I will hold her hand so tight even to move, I will grab her in my arms consoling, I won’t ask her reasons for why she left me, instead I will make efforts to make her stay with me forever, this time.

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