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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Motivation Unlimited

                               Money or Interest?

Even this world needs to be explained theoretically. We all have been reading, in bulk, motivational thoughts, quotes etc, encouraging us to do something revolutionary, blending our fears, asserting not to quit whatever the situations may be and numerous confidence giving words. A wave of hope runs in our blood resulting goose bumps, building a mountain of firm rocks stating the world to create something extraordinary, to think outside the box.

Fact is, we all have been through these situations and we heroically know that all these motivational words fail when the tables turn. Tables turn and everything goes wrong, motivational words are of no use in those creepy and tough situations. Astonishingly, at that point life teaches us about money, money, being the supreme power in this cruel world. Money! The supporter, the almighty, the cherisher. Even to reach those inspirational ways we need money, indirectly.

Similarly, Interest i.e. your passion and Money are two opposite words having repelling cause and effect relation. The assumption over here is, you being a bourgeois. We all are quite well known to the fact that our interest generally includes those actions, professions and mediators having average financial gains or low financial gains.

As explained in previous blog, you must be determined towards creating something extraordinary, keeping money motive at last place. Diving into this matter deeply I came out of the blue discovering that extraordinary personalities like Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Lionel Messi, Steve Jobs, Eminem, Thomas Edison, Dr. Seuss and many more, had the same problems, we have. Exactly! They suffered the same consequences we face in our life every second day. What differs us from them is their extraordinary determination and persistence towards their goal and may be this could be the reason for our life being inferior & adjacent to theirs in terms of money, respect, popularity etc.

Yet, we all are quite well known to the terms Karma and Destiny. At last what we need to do is- Pray heartily, Focus on Goals steadily and Work unreservedly. Do not make yourself regret for not trying, not working hard, not taking a step and all such negations, when you will be in your fifties. At least try and let destiny decide the results.
 Stay positive, stay bold and have faith in God.

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