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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Motivation Unlimited

                            Motivation Unlimited

Saving a penny- As the world advances, relations are getting cheaper in cost than commodities. Blessings of social media in the form of clouds is swirling over our heads. Well, leaving this philosophy behind, let’s focus on an anonymous story or you can say a lame one, yet burning.

He decided, one day, to save, everyday a part of his income, earnings or you can say windfall gains. 10rs was the figure he assembled in his mind. Days passed the way Mumbai local runs, not faster than Delhi metro yet swifter than a bus.(After 364 days) He is now 364 days ahead from the day of his resolution, of saving a penny.
Delightfully! He counted the money with shivering in both the hands and greed in eyes, on the 365th day. Unfolding the motto behind his savings, you now came to knew that he wished to buy a watch costing 3650rs, 365 days before. Merrily, joyously, happily, grumbling, jumping, twisting, tickling, skipping, he went to that watch shop where he wretchedly found the cost price of watch being twice the cost, he had seen 365 days ago.

Now, I’ll tell you the moral behind this story- The guy wasted his time earning and earning a lot in order to save a handful of money so as to buy a watch, leaving behind, handsome of opportunities, he had, during those 365days.

See, I say if you wanna save something, save and utilize skills. Go vibrant, be dynamic, and wander here & there in search of something worth living. Do not sit, do not get satisfied until you get something meaningful. And money is the last thing I would like you to keep your focus on or to worry about. See if you died unknown or without doing something extraordinary, it’s nobody’s fault, but yours. Give no excuses ever, the almighty God helps only those who stand up for themselves, even once, after so many hardships.

If you really wish to save something then save kindness, save honesty, save love for God, save respect for parents, in your heart. I still say money is the last thing we must focus on, forget about status, standards, society, friends and all such speed breakers for when you’ll die, the only thing that’s gonna come with you is your deeds whether they are good ones or bad, the only thing that will remain after you is your achievements, revolutionary steps taken by you and the extraordinary actions you performed, when you were alive.

Neither sit down nor get satisfied until you find the exact purpose of your life because that’s the only perceptible thing that will help you keep going and will help you make your life WORTH LIVING.

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