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Friday, 26 December 2014

And For Earth It’s a Fight Between God and Money

How can I solve this puzzle of life? Where a beggar may be starving somewhere on this earth while on the contrary a rich might be throwing food to its dog. Where little kids starve and beg to eat and rich kids starve to get a Mercedes or BMW.

And to this I landed on the semi conclusion that there can only be one king in the jungle, and for Earth it’s a fight between God and Money. Where most believe that everything falls in place, aligned, if you have enough money. And if you don’t have, then make, earn, run, fall, crawl, walk, stumble, run…but at the end you have to make money, you have to build it.

Whereas my question to them is what if a person meets cancer all at once? Does money have the power to cure it? And what if one day you found yourself attacked by ebola, can you survive? What if one day suddenly the Sun starts coming closer to Earth, will you be able to push it back using your countless money? Big Bang was discovered 500 years ago by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and has been explained profusely in the holy and auspicious beyond words 'Granth', possibly. If so, then how come they know about all these scientific facts and occurrences, 500 years ago?

On the contrary, I myself am the biggest fan of science and technology. I do not wish to create controversies. Rather I would like to solve them with peace and unity, for united we all will stand stable to fight against harmful human type virus. Yet for me life is like economics, there are numerous exceptions and assumption to every theory.

Better to follow a single path than to wander in search of answers. For answers escape, as soon as you reach close to them. The only way to survive is to follow a single path or walk equivalently on both. Praise God, Love Science.

The discussion will never end, and my thoughts will never keep away themselves from expansion. As soon as I reach a conclusion, hundred new queries in the form of water bubble arrive flying here and there all around my brain. And how come this brain is so powerful, beyond limits?... 

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